Testing different headlines

The primary headline of your page is what most users see and read as soon as your page loads on their web browser. It is one of the key areas that instantly explains to a user what that page is about and how it can satisfy a need that they have been searching for.

testing different headlinesWe want to maximise contacts from the website, sales of a product, enquires for services etc, so these can be set as our goals which we will measure against. Varying our headlines of a web page will let us see if any of these goals increase for a particular headline change.

By using Google's website optimiser tool we can test three or four variations of headlines and over time see which of these provide us with the most conversions of the goals we are measuring. It is an affordable, effective and eye-opening technique. This basic principle of test and measure is recommended for almost every type of website.

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Testing content tip

If you have quite a lot of traffic coming into your website you can do multi variant testing which allows you to vary and test two or more areas simultaneously. e.g. the headline, an introductory paragraph and variation of images. This identifies which combination of the three gives you the best results.

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